COVID Diaries


COVID Diaries


Create a cohesive set of overarching brand visuals, illustrations, and motion graphics to bring these stories to life, adding a sense of clarity during such an uncertain time.

My role:

I was responsible for the entire design process, creating the overarching brand visuals, illustrations, motion graphics, and audio editing.

Tools used:

 Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and  Adobe Audition.

Final Design

I decided on introducing the series with the branding of the alternating masks. I wanted the motion graphic to reflect this idea that behind every mask is a different story, a unique experience with COVID-19. Showing the mask alone also played on the idea of “unmasking” or bringing light to these first hand experiences with COVID-19. I focused primarily on illustrations and motion graphics for this series as many of the individuals did not want photographs taken while they were positive with COVID. The graphics were able to provide a look into what the corona virus looked like from testing, to symptoms, to living in quarantine. I decided on a bold color palette with red accents to symbolize the virus/those who tested positive.