Founders Day



Create a layout design that reflects this year’s theme of Love Gives Everything, echoing the directional statement of the School Sisters of Notre Dame which announces: “The Triune God impels us into the heart of the world to be women of peace, hope, and love.”

My role:

I was responsible for the entire design process, I created the layout and illustration.

Tools used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Indesign.

When creating this poster for Founders day, I thought about how the event has so many layers to it, it honors the School Sisters of Notre Dame (SSNS), the history of the university, while also recognizing high-achieving students and individuals in the community. By creating this papercut design, I wanted to recognize this with the apparent layers within the design. This piece also showcases love in different forms, we have love within the community of SSND, physical symbol of God’s love on campus with the statue of Mary, and self love as seen from the students that are displayed with their hands on their hearts.